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Monday, 28 August 2006

3564: Squarefootball hero of the wee

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by : Sam Cullen

David Bowie once sang that we could all be heroes, but just for one day. Here at squarefootball you get that honour for an entire week, I wonder what Bowie would make of that!

This week’s winner is a man who is no stranger to being a hero to millions, as his late, vital goals were a corner stone of the incredibly successful Manchester United side at the end of the 1990s, mr “babyface” himself, Ole Gunner Solskjaer

After United won the Premiership trophy in 2003, sightings of Sojskaer soon became as rare as those of a Peregrine Falcon, as the Norwegian striker struggled with injuries and missed the entire 2004/05 season in the process.

As Ruud Van Nistelrooy departed for Madrid after doing a Stam, the emphasis once again returned to Solskjaer, especially given the lack of new recruits made by Fergie so far.

Wednesday saw United head to the capital as they took on Iain “Davros” Dowie’s Charlton. Solskjaer started the game on the bench and only got on the field of play 8 minutes before the end, but on the brink of the final whistle, he scored.

In isolation, a goal against Charlton would seem far from special. Yet statistically, it represents a milestone for Ole as it was his first Premiership goal since April 2003 and United’s 6-2 demolition of Newcastle at St James Park as they surged towards the 2002/03 final.

To return to first team football, Sosjakear has shown great strength of character as injury lay offs can prove so mentality draining for players.

His initial injury lay off began way back in September 2003, when he was forced off at half time in a Champions League tie at Old Trafford. Since then he endured several failed comebacks and many were pronouncing his career over.

He has finally got to the end of the very dark and long tunnel. For that, he is the squarefootball hero of the week.

The Prize

Luck, it can be both your best friend and your worst enemy, like the post pub kebab. After 3 injury riddled seasons, the best prize we could award Solskjaer would be a four leafed clover.

The clover, with it’s superstitious powers, should steer away any injuries and allow the babyfaced one for an extended run in the side, to the delight of red devils everywhere.

I was going to suggest a lucky horse shoe, but I expect Van Nistelrooy took his footwear with him to Madrid.

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