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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

4388: Manchester United vs Roma: Rom

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by : Antony Melvin

Roma looked lively in the opening exchanges and the ever-willing Totti went close with a dragged cross shot. But after Carrick scored the shooting became more and more speculative - almost as if Roma only felt they had to hit the target to score. Then United started mounting counter attack after counter attack and Roma simply collapsed. Hopefully the imposters who were impersonating Doni and Chivu will release the pair soon - because if they are professional footballers then they should be facing a club fine. This performance was brought to you by the words 'abject' and 'anonymous' and by the number '7'.

Doni 2/10

Actually made one or two nice stops and was helpless for some of the goals - but was culpable in at least three. Poor game for Barry Chuckle.

Panucci 6/10

Never stopped pushing up from full back, Pannuci was often isolated for pace against Ronaldo but was not humiliated. The best of the Roma defence.

Mexes 5/10

Allowed his frustration to boil over and could have been sent off by the end - combative and full of heart; was a threat from set-pieces but looked average when isolated.

Chivu 1/10

His mask could at least cover his shame at one of the most abject central defensive display imaginable. When he removed his mask in the dressing room after the game his colleagues were unsurprised to see Paul Chuckle beaming back at them.

Cassetti 3/10

His rugby tackle on Ronaldo earned him a booking but at least he was still trying. Not succeeding, but still trying.

Wilhelmsson 4/10

His pace could have caused Heinze problems, but the experienced Argentinian simply had him on toast. I was as surprised as anyone when he was subbed after 88 minutes as I wasn't aware that he had come out for the second half.

Vucinic 6/10

Steady and hard working Vucinic had given Roma hope in the first leg - but received almost no possession by his colleagues.

Mancini 4/10

YouTube has so much to answer for. It takes more than a couple of step overs to make a player and the clamour to see his tricks will abate if he really is a one-trick-pony.

De Rossi 7/10

De Rossi scored a lovely disguised volley from the edge of the box without even looking at the goal and celebrated with all the vigour of a ten pound lottery winner. Denis Law looked more pleased when he back-heeled a goal a generation ago. Otherwise the best Roma player on show.

Pizarro 4/10


Totti 7/10

This must have really hurt the Roma captain, he kept on trying and believing long after his colleagues game up. Instructed his players to salute their hurting fans and he should be absolved from some of the very brutal criticism that the Roma players are about to receive in Italy.


Spalletti threw on some kids - Rosi, Faty and Okaka Chuka - in the dying minutes. To no effect.


Doni, Panucci, Mexes, Chivu, Cassetti, Wilhelmsson (Rosi 88), De Rossi (Faty 86), Vucinic, Pizarro, Mancini (Okaka Chuka 90), Totti.

Subs Not Used: Curci, Defendi, Ferrari, Taddei.

Booked: Cassetti, Mexes.

Goals: De Rossi 69.

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Antony Melvin
10 April 2007

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