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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Unofficial World Cup 2010 Songs #9 - England- Chenille Steele - Come On You Lions

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Pole dancer from 'Secrets' Gentlemans' Club breathily talks about kiss-n-tells with Frank Lampard, 'shagging-out' Ronaldo and so on is what should be a man-friendly internet meme by now. But as everyone is wearing a bikini with a big t-shirt over the top, this is less titilating that the average RnB video. Amusing for the best part of 10 seconds, once you realise that this is really more chaste than the average episode of 'Lewis' you are left with a tuneless Sex-and-the-City type dirge and some pretty, but overdressed strippers. I'm sorry, but I'd rather have the half a shandy offered by the voiceover-man-who-sounds-a-bit-like-Stringfellow-or-Vic-Reeves than buy this. Or two curly-wurlies.

Singer: Chenille Steele
Song: Come On You Lions
Best Line: Fabio told the team as a bonus, I'd take the whole bloody team up the bum!

*Do you like this song? Are there any other World Cup songs we should look at - from England or any other country? Let us know!

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