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Monday, 05 July 2010

Thierry Henry for Liverpool?

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It’s been a while since I last posted and got crucified for saying Roberto Mancini won’t get Man City to fourth spot, but I don’t like to gloat.

So Barcelona have reached an agreement with Thierry Henry allowing the striker to leave the Catalunian club.

I like Barcelona a lot, but I love Liverpool more. As an avid Liverpool fan, currently going through the kind of emotions never felt before, this piece of news is hopeful music to my ears. Not that there has ever been much talk of it, but Thierry Henry could end up at Anfield!

Just a thought.

I don't think Henry is quite ready to end his career at the 'Emirates'. Not the Emirates at Arsenal and certainly not the Emirates in the Middle East where the love of the beautiful game continues to grow. Despite numerous trophy-less years, Arsenal still have a strong, ruthless 'youth' policy. They gambled with an old Gunner like Sol Campbell returning and that didn't quite work, so I don't think the eminent departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona will quite work out as a swap deal of any sort with Henry. Besides, like most Liverpool fans with Kenny Dalglish, I would think most Arsenal fans and Henry himself would much prefer to maintain 'Thierry' as the superstar that he grew into at Highbury and the legendary legacy that he left behind at the Emirates. Going back to Arsenal would be foolish and not as romantic as it sounds.

Henry's affection for the Liverpool fans and atmosphere at Anfield has been no secret. The Anfield crowd, who know their Football well and appreciate talent when they see it, have always had the utmost respect for Henry. So for the majority of fans this wouldn't be a bad, 'cost-effective' signing at all, especially with the state of the clubs finances and transfer kitty this Summer.

Thierry Henry loves the Premier League and the Premier League loves him, bar a few Republic of Ireland fans who rightly feel bitter after the World Cup qualifier against France in which Henry's illegal close control wasn't spotted by the Referee or his Assistant.

I'm well aware that Liverpool have a massive Irish following and I'd like to appeal to them to forget, if not forgive that handball by Henry. Dare I say it, but I'm no way comparing Henry with the great Diego Maradona, but it's about time the handball by Maradona was forgotten, otherwise it could well consume a nation like it has England and we all know how England have done since Mexico '86 in comparison to Argentina.

Fernando Torres is one of many that I feel would relish the chance to spend even half a season on the training ground with Henry. Henry's education, guile, cunning and general clever play would teach Torres volumes. For as good as Torres is, we know he's still not the complete player, and that can only be encouraging at this stage of his career.

As a Liverpool fan, I really don't know what to expect this season. If Henry signed for Liverpool, I certainly know what not to expect. The impact Henry and Torres can have at Liverpool could potentially be compared to Dalglish and Rush, Barnes and Beardsley, Rush and Fowler, Fowler and Owen. Gary McAllister worked wonders when he arrived, so why Henry? You get my drift.

So maybe during their time in London, Mr Hodgson and Mr Henry could have rubbed shoulders in a swanky bar in town on a midsummers night and shared opinions. Maybe they rubbed shoulders last week in South Africa?

Just a thought.

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