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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Beckham Strikes Silverware And Puts The Heat On Stuart Pearce

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"Who writes your scripts?"  is the famous comment by Graham Gooch about Ian Botham's legendary ability to take centre stage throughout his career. Something similar applies to David Beckham and he gave another example on Sunday by helping LA Galaxy win the MLS play-off final.

This is probably the England star's last game with the Galaxy and he leaves having finally delivered a title - and the fans who once booed him for playing in Europe during the off season were cheering at the end. Yet another Beckham reinvention.

The victory puts him in good shape to tie up a deal with Paris St Germain to get back into a major European League and from there to put pressure on Stuart Pearce to include him in the Great Britain squad for the 2012 Olympics. It would be a brave man to bet against his participation next summer.

While Beckham's football can still do a fair amount of the talking for him, his ability to position himself correctly and make the right noises makes him a formidable proposition. While other senior members of the football community treat the Olympics as sideshow or something to be targeted after the 2011/12 season is over, the former England captain has been right on message from day one.

Pearce has a difficult choice to make. There's no doubt Beckham is still a decent player who genuinely does want to be at London 2012. The problem is twofold - does he need a right sided player and more importantly, does he need the Press attention on Beckham?

The media can't lose if 'Goldenballs' is selected. If he's not captain they can run endless stories about whether he should be skipper or if he can play under a 'lesser' player. Make him skipper and we'll get a diet of 'does the team have to be built around him' to 'is he worth his place' articles.

Ultimately, only Pearce knows if he wants Beckham on the squad - there may even have been a bit of back channel communication along the lines of 'produce the goods in France and we'll see how it goes'. As ever the David Beckham story still has a fair way to run.

Calling all England fans. Do you think Beckham should play for Team GB in the Olympics? What do you think his next move will be? Will he come back to the Premier League or will he go to PSG? Whatever your views on Beckham are we'd love to hear them.

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