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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Aston Villa: Was Lowton's screamer the best Villa goal ever?

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Following Matthew Lowton’s screamer against Stoke over the weekend it seems a good time to reminisce over some of the Villa’s greatest strikes in recent memory.

We’re looking at goals since the 1990s, simply because, although there have been plenty of wonder goals since Villa’s formation in 1874, I couldn’t fully appreciate them at the time.

A top 10 is always a good starting point so let’s begin.

10. Benito Carbone v Leeds United - 2000

Hit-and-miss players come along like buses at Villa Park, but many are kind enough to leave behind a goal that will live long in the memory.

Benito Carbone didn’t exactly have a stellar Villa career, but no-one can argue his goal against Leeds in 2000 was not one to remember.


9. Savo Milosevic v Leeds United - 1996

Milosevic was dubbed ‘Miss-a lot-osevic’ by cruel Birmingham City fans – for very good reasons a lot of the time.

Watching the League Cup final against Leeds in 1996, the game was screaming for a moment of inspiration to kick-start Villa’s victory, and Savo was the player who stepped up to unleash an almighty strike. 

If you just want to see the goal, go to 4.57.


8. Matthew Lowton v Stoke City - 2013

This may surprise a few but we have actually scored much better goals than this, I promise you! Lowton’s strike against Stoke over the weekend was a one-in-a-million effort and one that could ultimately keep us up.

With the Potters piling up the pressure we needed that goal to ensure we recorded our first win in the Potteries since 1984.  


7. Juan Pablo Angel v Chelsea - 2003

At the beginning Juan Pablo Angel had a stutter-start career at Villa but he soon settled in. 

The only complaint against him would be he didn’t show what he was capable of on enough occasions. Against Chelsea in 2003, however, he broke that mould with a belter.


6. Tony Daley v Chelsea - 1990

Tony Daley. What a player. He was one of those wingers who electrified the crowd every time he picked up the ball – when he stayed fit.

I’ve picked his amazing run and shot against Chelsea in 1990. It wasn’t just the goal, it was the fact he managed to outpace Tony Dorigo – a player well renowned for his speed – before unleashing an unstoppable shot into the top corner.

Below is some YouTube footage for you to enjoy. If you want to skip straight to the goal against Chelsea go to 1.06, but there's some great moments to relive.


5. Gary Cahill v Birmingham City - 2006

Now this next goal isn’t just because it was against the team Villa fans love to hate – well, maybe a little bit – it's mainly in the top 10 because of the way he managed to contort his body into an unbelievable shape before unleashing an amazing overhead kick.

Gary Cahill was sold far too soon by Martin O’Neill but at least in 2006, against Birmingham City, he gave us a goal we would never forget.


4. Paul Merson v Everton - 2000

Back in 2000 we had one of the most naturally gifted footballer to ever grace a Villa shirt. Paul ‘who needs a left foot’ Merson was given man-of-match almost every time he played for Villa during his sadly short stint at the club.

One of his best pieces of skill has to be his outside of the boot lob against Everton. You could never get bored of watching that strike.


3. Stiliyan Petrov v Derby County - 2008

It’s a pleasure giving a great player like club captain Stiliyan Petrov a minute’s applause on 19 minutes every game.

He always gave his all for the club and wasn’t short of the odd touch of class either - his fantastic volley against Derby in 2008 being a prime example.


2. Dwight Yorke v Sheffield Wednesday - 1993

Plucked from obscurity by Graham Taylor, Dwight Yorke became one of Villa’s greatest ever players. His 1995-96 season was the one that stood out and he scored many great goals. 

But never was he part of better team goal than the one he scored against Sheffield Wednesday in 1993 – the season Villa had three of the top 10 goals of the season. Pure poetry in motion.


1 . Dalian Atkinson v Wimbledon - 1993

The only problem with trying to compile Villa’s greatest goals since 1990 is . . . there’s only ever going to be one winner.

Dalian Atkinson, on his day, was an absolute world-beater. Unfortunately those days came about far too rarely during his time at Villa Park.

There is, however, nothing more beautiful, nothing more poetic, than watching a player run through an entire team and finish with the coolness of BB King on an extended lunch break.

Atkinson’s goal against Wimbledon in 1993 needs no introductions and is still the greatest I have ever seen from a player wearing the claret and blue of Aston Villa.


Article by James Fisher

Well that's how James sees it, but what about you. Do you think Lowton's goal was better than Atkinson's? What about Peter Enckleman's own goal in the derby in 2002? How would your top 10 look? Whatever your view, we'd love to hear from you.


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