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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Predict the Premier League: Sunderland storming towards the title

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Talk about making an impact. Paolo Di Canio led his Sunderland troops to victory at St James' Park and then followed it up with another three points in his first home game against Everton. No wonder Sunderland fan Tony Ratton is smiling from ear to ear. Mind you, it could also have something to do with him being just four weeks away from being crowned Predict the Premier League champion.

The Black Cat has moved 11 points clear of the chasing pack and looks odds on to ending the season as a winner. 

The race for second place though is hotter than Michelle Keegan on a sun-drenched beach sucking an ice lolly seductively! Just four points separate second placed Wigan Athletic with Aston Villa in sixth.

At the opposite end though it looks as though it is curtains for Tottenham's Adam Crawford, Stoke City's Peter Holland and Chelsea's Apoorva Ankur, although the latter is only 13 points behind Manchester United's Peter Johnstone so there is a chance of completing the great escape.

Here is how the overall table stands with four weekends left to play.

Predict table overall

To see who scored what over the past fortnight, click here

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