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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Everton: Martinez is going all out for a Champions League spot

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Sqf Chris Everton

Inbetween making exceedingly good poetry, Kipling once wrote about "Keeping your head whilst others lost theirs". He talked about triumph and disaster and meeting it head on too, but the thing about triumph, and the the thing about disaster, is that they mean different things to different people, differing outcomes for differing clubs.

Not since the eighties have Everton attained true triumph, and too longingly in the nineties did they flirt with disaster.  

Now all the clubs around about are starting to lose their heads with the onset of the January sales . . . even Manchester City have forgotten how to only squeeze a win, and Moysey appears to be struggling at United . . . and in some places, albeit very few, there are those managing to keeping their own heads steady.

Roberto martinezSo while there may be turbulent times from one end of the country t'other. There is a quiet corner in Stanley Park, neither sitting in the dark, nor in the light. And in that corner resides Martinez. Now one has never assumed Roberto to be a panicking kind of person. His command of the English language is as comforting and relaxing as his command of his high profile managerial position. The type of relaxation that gets us the best left-back in the country.

The imminent re-signing of Baines is not only testament to our manager's ability, but speaks volumes regarding the confidence that is now the linchpin of the entire team. The type of confidence that allows Martinez to rejuvenate Jelavic before selling him. As if he was telling him, "this is what you are capable of doing, now go and recapture it". Sending Nikica on his way, with a pat on the back and an appreciation in his heart.

Then, as if to reiterate the ability Martinez actually has, he brings in Aiden McGeady, bringing him in from the cold of Russia, with the added spice of European experience to gently guide us across the final hurdle. But still, just to make sure, let's bring in Lacina Traore . . . why not? He is actually saying to Baines . . . "go on, lad, someone else for you to aim at".  And let's face it, Baines can sky the ball and the beanstalk that is Traore will somehow get on the end.

Exciting times ahead.

And while the the old boyfriend may be struggling to control his new club. We have but just one question . . . "David who? Have another French Fancy!"

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