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Monday, 10 February 2014

Arsenal: 5-1 drubbing may be a wake-up call

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Where should I begin? I don't think many saw this coming. Five-one after having been so sturdy defensively for the entirety of the season is as much a shock as it is embarrassment to the Arsenal fans.
Just when Arsenal fans were starring to "believe", this happens. When one thought Arsenal have settled into a rhythm, they seem "out of tune" once again. And how.
I am pretty sure Arsenal fans were thinking it was their worst nightmare in the first 20 minutes. What an awful display it was. The less we talk about it, the better. 
Arsenal v liverpoolThe match had the billing of a classic , as it has, so many times, been the case in recent years. And given the fact that a team at the top were playing a team in fourth, you would think it would be a more competitive performance from both the teams.The match looked more like a team at the top playing the team at the bottom, with Arsenal playing the role of the latter.
It is not fair to judge a team from a single game and considering how well Arsenal have performed for the whole of the season so far, it is only fair on them to consider this as a blip, like the one against Manchester City. A team is allowed to have one or two such blips during the whole of the season right?
However, I also think that the manner of the defeat and above all, the timing of the defeat, when Arsenal are heading into some difficult fixtures ahead does put a few question marks over Arsenal's pursuit of success and trophies this season.
Two of Arsenal's worst performances have been away from home this season. Well, here is something that will cheer up the Arsenal fans. All the remaining four fixtures this month are home games. The bad news is that in three of those games, Arsenal play Manchester United (Feb 12 Feb), Liverpool (Feb 16) and Bayern Munich(Feb 19).
Here is another good news for Arsenal fans. This is not the worst fixture list. They have an even more daunting one in March when they play back to back games against Bayern (A), Tottenham (A), Chelsea (A) and Manchester City (H).
The Liverpool game has, at least to me, given further indication that Arsenal are perhaps not ready yet to be champions (I hope I am wrong!). The team really looked to be in a complete disarray. It was almost like "bursting of the bubble" moment.
But, life goes on. A 5-1 defeat it was, but that still leaves Arsenal in second place after Manchester City dropped points at Norwich. And when you think Arsenal are still just a point behind the league leaders Chelsea it is not the worst thing that could happen to Arsenal, is it? 
Article by Subesh Bhattarai
Calling all Gooners: Do you agree with Subesh? Can the Gunners bounce back from this defeat or are the wheels about to come off their title charge? Whatever your views, we'd love to hear from you.

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